The story behind Provenance Rentals


Provenance Rentals is a growing vintage rentals company and design house located in the South Bay in Los Angeles, California. Anna, the creative director and founder, is passionate about vintage and the message it transmits about quality, stability, and permanence. Provenance Rentals once operated under a different name with Anna and her former business partner; however, the company pivoted and rebranded. Anna endlessly focuses on curating a collection around the meaning of vintage. She is dedicated to turning your celebration whether it be a wedding, photo shoot, event, corporate event, baby or bridal shower, film shoot, home staging, or retail space into a lasting memory and joyous experience. Provenance Rentals' vintage rentals collection tells a personal narrative. Anna lends her skills and creativity to make your wedding, event, or space magical, memorable, and unique and as special as you are. You will receive individualized attention and focus for your design needs. 

Meet Anna

Anna's tireless pursuit of finding beauty in almost anything set the stage for Provenance Rentals. Her biggest joys are building her vintage rentals collection, raising her two young, energetic boys, spending time with her husband, and traveling if she can get a chance to get away. 

Anna's legal background helped fine-tune her meticulous attention-to-detail. In a previous life, she also worked in highly artistic industries--theatre and film. For ages, she has been planning weddings, parties, events; amassing gorgeous vintage pieces; hosting workshops; and juggling power tools; and handcrafting some unique items in the vintage rentals collection. Over the years, she has developed her style for what is relevant and on trend. Discovering the right piece is about a feeling, balance, and proportions, not perfection and symmetry. She elegantly ties eclectic items together to reflect your style, theme, and budget. Her knack for vetting hidden gems helps you avoid the headache of searching for high quality vintage objects, negotiating their prices, and transporting and storing them.

She brings her love, imagination, resourcefulness, and professionalism to elevating your wedding, event, shoot, home, or space to the next level. 

Photo by Jess Lauren

Photo by Jess Lauren

Planning your wedding, special event, staging your home, needing props for film, television, or photoshoots, or decorating your store? Our specialty rentals include rustic, handmade, bohemian, or genuinely vintage rental items unlike some other rental companies. We stand behind what we bring to you. A great product and professional service impacts the end result: your experience, memories, and photographs.