Photo by  Carissa Woo

Photo by Carissa Woo

About Provenance Rentals

Provenance Rentals is a boutique vintage and specialty rentals company located in Gardena in the South Bay in Los Angeles, California. We live for working with those who value the beauty and quality and want to take creative risks! We are passionate about vintage and what it transmits about quality, stability, and permanence.

Provenance Rentals once operated under a different name; however, the company rebranded. Provenance means a record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality. A major component of the brand is offering genuinely vintage, or antique, items that are timeless and unique to our clients. We love modern and have some modern pieces in our collection, but we don’t have vintage knock-offs!

Our vintage rentals collection tells your personal narrative. We have been designing  magical, memorable, and unique events as special as you are in time and memoriam. Our work has been recognized with awards and we have been published in numerous prestigious and influential blogs such as: Style Me Pretty, Ceremony Magazine, California Wedding Day, Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Chicks, and so many more. We take your design needs seriously, and you will receive individualized attention and focus for your dreams and needs. 

Photo by  Amy Haberland

Photo by Amy Haberland

Meet Anna

Anna is a wife to a smart, techy husband and momma to two dynamic, energetic boys that are growing up too fast. Family and love are just as important as business. Her tireless pursuit of finding beauty in almost anything set the stage for Provenance Rentals. Her biggest joys are spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and curating her vintage and specialty rentals collection so clients fall in love with it as much as she does. Each item is special and cherry-picked; some items are even family heirlooms.

Before tackling entrepreneurship, Anna's legal background fine-tuned her meticulous attention-to-detail. Realizing that life is short, she took the ultimate plunge and pursued her passion. For ages, she has been planning weddings, parties, events; amassing gorgeous vintage pieces; hosting workshops; juggling power tools; and handcrafting some unique items in the vintage rentals collection. Discovering the right piece is about a feeling, balance, and proportions, not perfection and symmetry. She elegantly and uniquely ties eclectic items together to reflect your style and theme. Her knack for vetting hidden gems helps you avoid the headache of searching for high quality vintage and specialty artifacts, negotiating their prices, and transporting and storing them.

She brings her love, imagination, resourcefulness, and professionalism to elevating your brand, wedding, corporate event, photoshoot, home, or space to the next level. Contact us for a design meeting with her.

Photo by Jess Lauren

Photo by Jess Lauren