Take a look and fall in love. Once you create a "wish list" contact us to discuss the details. We arrange a time to chat and then a one hour courtesy consultation.


Provenance Rentals means top-notch, high quality, chic, and romantic pieces at your fingertips that you would be unable to find elsewhere. Renting vintage and modern furniture and props from Provenance Rentals means the ability to create the fantasy and envision the event of your dreams. It also means peace of mind. Let us do the heavy lifting. No need to risk injury to yourself, others, or damage to property, source, transport, stage, store, set up and break down, negotiate, improve, or resell -- especially before, on, or after your event. Provenance Rentals may be able to customize certain requests. Depending on our needs we can acquire, or construct, these requests. Provenance Rentals decorates so you can savor your precious moments and enjoy your event. Preserve these treasured memories with your photos and videos and the tone that your decor sets.


A fifty percent (50%) non-refundable deposit is required to secure exclusivity of your request(s) for a particular date. Since each piece is unique, availability is based on a first come, first served basis. Balances are due thirty (30) days prior to the event date. If your order is placed less than thirty (30) days prior to your event date, the full amount is due immediately upon receipt. We do not extend any courtesy soft holds (holding without a deposit) for quotes or requests within the thirty (30) day window. Balances must be paid in full to ensure timely delivery, and no added fees, of your desired rental items. There is no option for payment upon delivery. Items may be rented a la carte, or choose from one of our packages below for added savings. 

Orders placed with seven (7) days of the event are subject to additional convenience fees. We highly encourage clients to book quickly since we cannot guarantee items without a non-refundable deposit and signed Agreement; items book up fast especially during peak seasons; and prices increase due to last minute coordination that must be made due to the request. This does not apply to clients who have already booked us and are amending their order to add additional items.


When clients initially contact Provenance Rentals, clients receive a one-hour courtesy coordination meeting to discuss their rental needs. Any additional meetings (including meetings over the phone or live-chat), coordination services, pre-staging (including client's request for additional photography), or site visits beyond this may incur additional fees. Additional meetings, pre-staging, coordination services, or site visits start at seventy-five dollars ($75) and up per hour.  Clients who are more than ten (10) minutes late to scheduled visits, tours, or appointments, will have to be rescheduled, or possibly forfeit their free consultation. It is within Provenance Rentals' sole discretion to extend a reschedule. 


Provenance Rentals will maintain contact with you periodically up until your event, and a final pre-event contact will be made between 24-48 hours prior to your event to confirm last minute details.


Choose from one of our packages for added savings without skimping on the beauty. Packages may not be combined with any other offers for price adjustments. Certain restrictions apply. Packing pricing is not eligible for orders placed within two (2) weeks prior to event.

Symbol - Receive $650 worth of rentals for $600

Rent a host of our items for a small affair, or if you are on a budget, but still want to impress your guests. The Symbol package would ordinarily run six hundred fifty dollars ($650); but you only pay six hundred dollars ($600) for your rentals. A fifty dollar ($50) savings will be applied to your order if you reach a six hundred fifty dollar ($600) total on rental products in stock.

Applicable to in-stock items only. Package does not include: delivery/removal, set-up, assembly/installation, styling, hand lettering, stenciling, new or custom builds, new acquisitions at the request of client, or sales tax.

Keepsake - Receive $900 worth of rentals for $825

Curate a beautiful narrative through these timeless pieces such as a guest book table, a show-stopping photo booth, or a dessert table. Save seventy-five dollars ($75) on in-stock rental pieces when you choose Keepsake.

Applicable to in-stock items only. Package does not include: delivery/removal, set-up, assembly/installation, styling, hand lettering, stenciling, new or custom builds, new acquisitions at the request of client, or sales tax.

Time Capsule - Receive $1300 worth of rentals for $1200

Time Capsule is one of our best and most popular packages for the host, or hostess, wanting to showcase their vision and good taste. A one hundred dollar ($100) savings.

Applicable to in-stock items only. Package does not include: delivery/removal, set-up, assembly/installation, styling, hand lettering, stenciling, new or custom builds, new acquisitions at the request of client, or sales tax.

Provenance - Receive $2000 worth of rentals for $1875

With the flexibility of the Provenance package, choose from an array of rental items and limited services may be included such as styling (up to a certain amount of hours and limited to Provenance Rentals' products only within the discretion of Provenance Rentals and based on skill, complexity, materials, and so forth). A two thousand dollar ($2000) value; save over one hundred fifty dollars ($125) on this comprehensive and stylish package.

Applicable to in-stock items only and limited styling. Package does not include: delivery/removal, set-up, assembly/installation, styling, hand lettering, stenciling, new or custom builds, new acquisitions at the request of client, or sales tax.


Provenance Rentals will curate and style/stage/accessorize our products* to make gorgeous vignettes, hold coordination meetings (e.g., site visits, styling and design beforehand, mood boards), and provide pre-staging services. The combination of any of these three meetings may result in additional fees. Allow us to professionally execute your vision while you focus on what matters: your special day.

Have a team assisting you? The more the merrier! We're happy to work with you, and any vendors such as wedding/event planners, marketing teams, production managers, site coordinators, florists, caterers, bartenders, family, and/or friends.

General styling, pre-staging, installation, and coordination services start at eighty dollars ($80) per hour. 

*General styling of non-Provenance Rentals products may be arranged at an added cost. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Are you dazzled by beautiful fonts as much as we are?  We can designs menus, wedding party names, directional signs, and so much more on glass, mirrors, and wood. 

Stencil and hand lettering services start at forty dollars ($40) and up based on complexity and turnaround time.

 Photo by Gina & Ryan Photography

Photo by Gina & Ryan Photography


Certain structures and backdrops will be put together and taken apart in order to transport safely. There are special skills we have learned so no one gets hurt. Installation fees are separate from delivery/pick-up,  and styling. Items requiring installation are noted on the website. Be sure to inquire with Provenance Rentals for any questions you may have. Installation costs vary depending on the piece.

Set-up is similar to installation, but for furniture and props. This means Provenance Rentals delivering and picking the items up to the exact point the client wishes. This takes the headache of figuring out who will be shuffling furniture on your event day. Provenance Rentals is happy to coordinate ahead of time with images, maps, and other instructions with you and your team to optimize set-up.

 Photo by Jess Lauren

Photo by Jess Lauren


Delivery fees start at sixty dollars and fifty cents ($67.50) based on amount and volume of items rented and distances traveled per round trip. Distances totaling forty (40) miles per round round trip beyond our warehouse located in 90248 will incur a one dollar seventy-five cent ($1.75) fee for every mile traveled in addition to a required rental minimum of two hundred dollars ($200) regardless of what is ordered. Orders containing large and/or heavy items are subject to additional fees. For example, one (1) round trip will be up to twenty (20) miles each way for a total of forty (40) miles. Therefore, most events require two (2) round trips (delivery and pick-up) which totals up to eighty (80) miles for one hundred thirty-five dollars ($135). Distances beyond this will start at the one dollar seventy-five cent ($1.75) additional mile fee.

Delivery routes are based on Google Maps and Google Earth. Delivery includes drop-off only in one place off the truck (and does not include set-up/removal, styling, stenciling, calligraphy, installation, late-night fees, or other fees, or pick-up) of Provenance Rentals items.

Pick-up fees start at sixty-seven dollars and fifty cents ($67.5) and includes removal of Provenance Rentals items. The same terms for delivery apply to pick-up.

Additional delivery/removal fees apply for time-specific deliveries, late night/early morning removal (e.g., 9 p.m. or later "late night"/ 12 a.m.-7 a.m. on "early pick-up"), high volume/extremely heavy weight, difficult access, floor(s) other than ground level, uphill, stairs, long distances between parking and rental drop-off, and otherwise difficult installation, etc. shall incur additional fees. All delivery and removal by Provenance Rentals will also incur the current sales tax rate in the current city of the event. Be sure to inquire about rates.

Parking fees, or other incidentals, discovered/not communicated until after-the-fact will be charged to client. Please inform Provenance Rentals in advance of any parking costs/fees that we may incur in delivering and removing items from your event venue. Should Provenance Rentals incur parking fees while delivering/picking up items, Provenance Rentals shall either charge client upon learning of the costs, or invoice client, whichever method suits Provenance Rentals. If parking fees are known by the client at the time of inquiry and/or booking, client shall inform Provenance Rentals immediately of the costs and will be duly charged in advance. 


We offer two types of will call orders. Certain orders* may be eligible for will call (or self pick-up). All will call orders require a thirty-five dollar ($35) rental minimum excluding tax and other fees. If you are renting smaller items only and do not need delivery/removal, Provenance Rentals allows clients to pick up and drop off at our location by appointment only.

Will Call Option 1 (Weekday): Clients must meet the minimum of thirty-five dollars ($35) for their rental order excluding taxes and fees. Clients will be given two appointment times for pick-up and drop-off. The will call fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) will be added to the rental total. Clients who are late to their will call pick-up and/or drop-off appointments will be  subject to additional fees, cancellation, and/or extra daily charges. Late fees start at fifty dollars ($50). Please discuss with Provenance Rentals ahead of time any questions you may have.

Will Call Option 2 (Weekend): Clients must meet the minimum of fifty-five dollars ($55) for their rental order excluding tax and fees. The will call rate for any item is 1.5x the normal rate (For instance, the normal rate for a peacock chair is $90 pre-tax; for weekend will call it will be $135 pre-tax). Weekend will call allows the client flexibility to pick up the order at a scheduled time on Friday morning and return Monday morning. Provenance Rentals will not charge a will call fee, but the price will be 1.5x the normal rate. Clients who are late to their will call pick-up and/or drop-off appointments are subject to additional fees, cancellation, and/or extra daily charges. Late fees start at fifty dollars ($50). Please discuss with Provenance Rentals ahead of time any questions you may have.

*Provenance Rentals reserves the right to decline any pick up, if transportation is deemed unsuitable and could potentially cause damage to our items. Please contact Provenance Rentals beforehand to discuss transportation methods. Will Call clients should arrive prepared with an enclosed vehicle, their own blankets, straps, and manpower. Items that are not returned in the condition/manner in which they were received shall result in replacement/repair/cleaning costs.