Amanda + Joon's Saddlerock Ranch Travel-Themed Wedding

All photography courtesy of Katie Grant Photography (except engagement photo)

All photography courtesy of Katie Grant Photography (except engagement photo)

This is the love story of Amanda + Joon: creative adventurers who met and fell in love while in college. Both are talented artists and share much in common, which is why they were destined for each other. Amanda is an Art Director having done notable work on Wonder Woman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and much more. Joon is a Cinematic Animator and has done impressive work on Overwatch, Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and more. Their love story began as a blossoming friendship, but Joon quickly fell for the lovely Amanda. She, on the other hand, was slower to boil. One Valentine's Day (aww!) that all changed. Joon painted a watercolor of Russell from the Pixar movie Up with a sentimental handwritten note. Amanda realized her true feelings. The hand painted card signified their love of adventure, which became the main theme of their wedding.

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But before there was a wedding, there was a proposal. We love when our couples bond with us and share their engagement stories at design meetings. This is what Amanda and Joon did. The more we get to know our couples, the better work we do. We become more invested in the relationship. It warms our hearts when a thoughtful and loving boyfriend is instantly advanced to fiance and then the ultimate promotion: doting husband. Joon designed an elaborate proposal. He arranged a trip to a San Diego specialty airport that housed vintage open cockpit biplanes. Two pilots flew Amanda and Joon up in the sky, around the city, and over the ocean. One of the highlights was when they saw whales surfacing. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the pilots performed daring aerial stunts like corkscrews and barrel rolls. The couple even flew the planes themselves and the brave Amanda performed some of the tricks. Following the excitement, Amanda and Joon enjoyed a quiet dinner and a walk along the beach. Unbeknownst to Amanda, Joon knew this was the moment to ask her the most important question of their relationship up until this point: "Will you marry me?" Amanda, growing sleepy for the long trip and post-adrenaline rush, however instantly said "Yes" when Joon got down on one knee with a ring.

Flash forward to their wedding day: it was a gorgeous, sunny day in May. Amanda and Joon couldn't have selected a more breathtaking venue. If you aren't familiar with the Malbu venues -- Saddlerock Ranch is absolutely stunning and one Provenance Rentals' favorites. Saddlerock Ranch flawlessly caters to many weddings and events in any given day. They chose Chateau le Dome with exquisite views of rolling hills and vineyards situated in the midst of the Santa Monica Mountains. This natural backdrop is ideal for an intimate wedding. We were fortunate our products, such as vintage globes, vintage books, a vintage lounge, and more, decorated the space. Amanda, the artist that she is, sent a hand drawn tablescape design inspiration before we met. Right off the bat, we knew we would love her. We hold a special place in our hearts for artists (being artists ourselves). 

Our vintage globe collection was less robust when Amanda contacted us. In order to meet her expectations, we sourced from several places and mismatched blue with sepia-toned globes. Amanda and Joon were very happy with the outcome. To create a mood, the couple also selected our mint green settee for their vintage lounge area as well as our blush-toned vintage steamer trunk that is 70 years old and several pieces of vintage luggage. They wanted the feel of old-world travel and adventure since much of their relationship is based on that. They are, after all, are each other's greatest adventure. We love that this detail was woven throughout the entire wedding. For instance, they cleverly used a sepia-toned map of places they've traveled for their seating chart, vintage postcards for their table numbers, and little vintage looking airplane openers as favors for their guests. There are so many thoughtful details we love between the floral choices from Pink Clover, the details on Amanda's Pronovias wedding gown which was masterfully altered by Grace Bridal Couture, Joon's sharp suit by Friar Tux, tying in elements of their personality like superhero cufflinks and signature superhero drinks, and all the rustic details like their dessert bar.  

The wedding went off without a hitch. The couple and their guests danced their way into the night. We cannot wait to see what Amanda and Joon are up to next. We know something creative and adventurous and we are so lucky we had such a lovely couple as our clients. xo

Credits: Photography: Katie Grant Photography | Videography: Danny Camara  | Vintage Rentals: Provenance Rentals | Wedding Coordinator: My Classy Events | Catering: Monrose Catering | Rentals: A Rental Connection | DJ (DJ Dominiq): Bouquet Sound  | Officiant: Jason Frye | String Trio: The Ocdamia Strings | Shuttles: Riz Transportation Services | Venue: Saddlerock Ranch, Chateau le Dome | Wedding Gown: Pronovias | Gown Alterations: Grace Bridal Couture  | Tux: Friar Tux Beauty:  beGlammedAnna Savostianova, Alina L | Florist:  Pink Clover